Tooth Whitening


Tooth whitening is one of the easiest, yet most efficient, ways to enhance your looks. If discolouration is making you conscious of your smile, or perhaps you want to perfect your look prior to a big day, then teeth whitening is a cost-effective solution for you.

Healthy teeth can become discoloured with time due to tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and some foods. Even with the best hygiene care and home regime teeth naturally darken as we age. This often can lead to unsightly smiles.

Tooth whitening is designed to improve the colour of your natural teeth without having to resort to invasive dentistry such as fillings, veneers or crowns. The process is a simple, safe and effective way of lifting your smile. If your teeth are undamaged and healthy the treatment can simply make them look significantly brighter.

We will provide you with custom made bleaching trays for both the upper and lower teeth. These are soft plastic “mini mouth guards” specially designed to hold the bleaching gel in the right place over your front and side teeth. They are streamlined to make it easy for you to treat your upper and lower teeth at the same time.

The bleaching gel gradually improves the colour of your teeth day by day and you may even notice a difference after one or two treatments. You can take a day off at any time, achieving your colour change at a rate suitable to you.

Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to construct special customised clear trays.

We will then fit the teeth whitening trays and show you how to get the best results from your treatment.

Review to ensure optimal results.

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Please note:
New patients must have a dental examination prior to whitening
Crowns, veneers and fillings cannot be whitened, and may require replacement after whitening due to the difference in colour to the surrounding teeth.

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